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**March 2023: Currently not taking new clients**



Are you plagued by chronic pain,
stress or stress related illnesses?

For over 16 years I have helped support clients to improve their health and feel better. During a first session I often hears clients say, "I have tried everything else and nothing has worked." Is this you too?

My clients have seen significant improvement of symptoms from conditions like:  

chronic pain
neck/back pain

traumatic brain injuries

TMJ issues
sciatic pain

and many other conditions


Using the gentle, yet powerful, touch of CranioSacral Therapy, I support and facilitate the body to release stress, restrictions, tension, and even old trauma(s) allowing the body's innate healing ability to create more wellness and balance.

The results?
Decreased pain, better movement, improved sleep, decrease stress and improved quality of life.


"The session with you [Brian] was much more effective for my back than the past few weeks of PT."
~K. Kretzer


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